New Beauty Stuff


◇  Hello people. I was going trough my drafts and i saw two posts ive never posted  this is the first one and the other one is from the new lipsticks i got. So i decided to post them now cuz i love this photos and i have some great thinks to say about them .

  • Aura Bronzing Powder – This is the best bronzer ive used so far , but i havent used a lot bronzers so dont take that like im saying is the best one. The pan is really big so its great for application and picking up the product with a big brush . And the formula itself if smooth and blends really easy .
  • Catrice Colour Correcting Powder –  I was really excited for this one but im not sure if i like it that much .Its a color correcting powder and it does what it says. But , when you apply it over a heavy or mattifying foundation and makes the foundation look chunky  and patchy , so if you wanna use this powder , maybe over a bb cream or a very light foundation would be the best choice.
  • Essence – All About Nudes Eyeshadow Palette – Ive been eyeing this palette for a long time but and wasnt sure if the shadow quality would be good cuz i was very disappointed buy one of their singles . But i was surprised by the quality and pigmentation of the eyeshadows .And i really recommend it .

◇  Im sorry i dont remember the prices but they were around  6 – 9 dollars.


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